How challenging consumers to imagine a world where ‘car insurance isn’t shit’, led to a 108% increase in policy sales. 

Car insurance is a rip-off. It’s something we’ve all come to accept… but does it have to be that way? Cuvva is a radically different insurer, offering flexible policies at prices calculated based on how you drive, not on preconceptions about your age, gender or job. 

We needed to get drivers to step back and question their acceptance of bad insurers, to realise that they deserve better - and see that Cuvva is the solution to their car insurance woes. “What if car insurance wasn’t shit?” rolled out across TV and out-of-home, leading to an 108% increase in sales, with a 16% response rate. 


We’ve accepted that car insurance is terrible, we don’t question it, or expect better.. 

The industry hasn’t been built with the consumer in mind. They have an active audience of punters, legally obliged to fork out for cover - at whatever price they set it. And to make things worse, the industry is geared towards taking advantage of young drivers. No bueno. 

Unfortunately, we have accepted our fate - and don’t challenge the industry, or expect anything better from them. We are used to being taken for a ride, paying over the odds, to companies that make you feel like a number. 

Luckily for drivers, Cuvva is different. They measure your driving, and calculate how much to charge based on your ability behind the wheel. This means that prices are based on what actually matters, not arbitrary assumptions about your age or gender. If you drive safely, you can save big money on your monthly bills - oh, and you can cancel anytime. 


Our campaign had to give hope to drivers, inspiring them to ask more from their insurers. 

If we wanted to tell the world about Cuvva being a refreshing outsider, taking dinosaur-giant-insurers head on, we needed to give consumers hope, and prompt them to question the industry. 

Car insurance companies can get away with treating customers badly because on the most part, we’ve accepted it. Car insurance is always a rip off, and there’s not much you can do about it. That might have been true a few years ago, but with the new kid on the block, things are different, so the first thing we needed to do with this campaign is encourage our audience to question the insurance industry, and expect better. 


How do you get people to question an industry that has been swindling them for decades? 

We realised that if we needed to position Cuvva as a radical alternative to traditional insurers, then we had to create a campaign that didn’t look, or sound like anything an insurance company would make. We had to talk directly to the consumer, position ourselves against the status quo, and create a visual world that shows how unique Cuvva is. 

By creating something that positions them as a challenger, we can appeal to their young audience and show that they are a solution to an unfair industry that puts profits before customers.


Policyholders no longer have to let out-of-touch insurers drive their lives. 

Drivers see car insurance as a necessary evil, and have come to accept expensive, inflexible policies as normal. They feel like passengers on a stressful and expensive ride - out of control, and powerless. 

Cuvva gives them freedom, and allows them to sign up to a policy where they are in the driver’s seat. 

We needed to get our audience to realise the potential of regaining control of their car insurance - and persuade them to download Cuvva to do so.


What if car insurance wasn’t shit? 

The campaign immediately sides with the consumer, posing the question; “What if car insurance wasn’t shit?”. The line, combined with an immersive psychedelic animated world tackles traditional insurers head on - exposing them for what they are, and offering a trip into the mystical world of fair car insurance. 

The animated universe we created is a world of possibilities, with talking dolphins, palm trees and a pooping pigeon. It represents the feeling of freedom that Cuvva gives customers, and imagines what life would be like if insurance wasn’t in fact, shit. 

The TVC merged live-action with animation, showing that the mystical world of fair insurance is actually closer than you might think. The OOH executions used the colourful, trippy illustrations from the TVC to bring our utopian world to the streets, and create a design that no other insurer would dare to create.


  • Increase in sales of 108% in the three months after the initial run on TV (Dec - Feb), measured against the three prior to the TVC going live (Jun - Aug).
  • Response rate 3.5x industry average (TV squared data)


CUVVA - What if car insurance wasn't sh*t

Young drivers think car insurance is Sh*t. But what if it wasn’t? Cue Cuvva. Radically better car insurance designed to suit the lives of young drivers. Our campaign integrated campaign aimed to show young drivers that there is a different, better way to insure their cars.

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