Helping THIS stand from the tofu-plugging-crowd of seitan-mongers during Veganuary


THIS is making waves within the plant-based meat market. Over the 2 years they have been operating they’ve seen huge growth. To continue growing THIS really needed to target the 22 million people that categorize as meat reducers not those who already have a plant based diet. With Veganuary annually calling out to meat eaters and vegetarians alike to go vegan for the month of January, we wanted to help meat-alternative brand THIS™, break through this noise and reach the mass-market with a cheeky and cost-effective campaign.


Veganuary having become pretty popular in recent years, it is difficult for brands to say something that cuts through the traffic.

2021 is no different, with every food company and their dog trying to get in on the trend – so we had a challenge on our hands to stand out from the tofu-plugging-crowd of seitan-mongers.

Further, THIS™ being a rather young challenger brand, we had to drive mass awareness with a minimal budget, so we developed an idea that would earn media and gain PR.


It’s estimated that anywhere from 50-80% of Veganuary participants have given into temptation before the months out.

We focussed on the challenge of Veganuary itself, creating something that actually helps people at the moment they are most likely to succumb to eating meat, and breaks the mould of what a traditional campaign looks like.

We wanted to show that temptation is okay, and prove that THIS™ is a brand that actually wants to help their customers and give them a fun experience – rather than just go on about how realistic their products are.


We launched a live call centre, a helpline if you will, to help meat reducers, vegetarians and vegans deal with the temptation of eating meat


We teamed up with up-and-coming comedians to monitor the helpline live (everyday from 10am - 10pm, until the end of January). They are answering people’s calls with an abundance of meat-based jokes, plant-based puns and animal noises, to help people get through the month of no meat with smiles on their faces.

In addition to creating a guerilla-style OOH campaign, we've made posters displayed on BT telephone boxes outside fast food outlets including McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Chicken Cottage and Taco Bell. We also hired an ad van for the month, driving through London and parking outside well known fast food chains.

Realising we're currently living in what feels like a never-ending repetition of lockdowns, the campaign also extends across paid social with rug pull style ads, aiming to catch people who are thinking of breaking out of Veganuary.


The helpline was running hot through the whole month of January with approximately 2,000 calls per week having been saved from breaking their Veganuary promise and cheered up during the dreariest of Januarys.

pieces of press coverage
went through the roof


Client: THIS™

Agency: Hell Yeah!

Head of Creative: Dulcie Cowling

Creative: George Nixon

Business Lead: Josh Clarricoats

Project Lead: Lola Sauer


Helping those most in need complete veganuary

With Veganuary annually calling out to meat eaters and vegetarians alike to go vegan for the month of January, we wanted to help meat-alternative brand THIS™, break through the noise.

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