giffgaff - Black Friday Pop-Up

The Brief

We were challenged by giffgaff to promote refurbished phones on Black Friday, the most ‘consumerised’ day of 2019 when competitors were encouraging the public to purchase ‘new and shiny’.

We needed to encourage behaviour change towards refurbished items, but still push giffgaff's all important choice message.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to hijack Black Friday by subverting this moment known for rampant commercialism.  We launched a Pop Up Shop where ‘nothing was for sale’ following research conducted that showed that consumer behaviour had shifted and people were open to considering refurbished items. The research findings were sold in to media, resulting in wide scale earned media coverage ahead of the Pop Up opening its doors

On Black Friday, Mc&T wanted to prove the research findings that people would buy refurbished over new, so encouraged people to take the pledge to ‘Choose Refurbished’, either physically in our Covent Garden Pop Up or digitally across the UK via both the giffgaff website and owned social channels, inspiring behaviour change

This was backed up by third party endorsement from sustainability expert, Melanie Fisher of Zero Waste Goods.

The Results

Over 450 people visited to store - with an average dwell time of 30 minutes

48 pieces of coverage specifically about the Pop Up

Bolstered by additional 44 pieces of coverage about Black Friday refurbished deals

Total online readership of 914million

11 influencers posted, resulting in a total reach of 5.7million, with 500k engagements through 28 different posts

1 Drum Marketing Award for B2C Integrated Campaign


giffgaff - Black Friday Pop-Up

On Black Friday giffgaff launched a pop-up shop where nothing was for sale. Encouraging people to take the pledge to ‘Choose Refurbished’, rather than buying new on Black Friday.

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