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Here Be Dragons is an award winning creative communications agency.

We believe that one thing is certain - change is constant, but with that change comes the unknown and great opportunities. As a creative communications agency, we are best placed to help brands navigate change and discover brave new lands. Be it creative ideas, campaigns, products or services, we always move forward, never standing still.

While focussed on the discipline of PR, we believe in a modern definition of this term, focussing on creating bold work that drives conversation and WOM across earned media and social. To do that we use a broad range of disciplines which form the base of our service offering to clients






‘Your career doesn’t have to be your entire life’: Why some companies are encouraging side hustles

Here Be Dragons founder and CEO, Paul McEntee, recently spoke to Digiday to tell them more about our fund for junior members of staff that leave the agency to start their own business.


For Gen Z by Gen Z

In our latest Tailwinds report, we explore how the next generation are rewriting the rules. These tailwinds will shift behaviours, expectations and create opportunities for brands and businesses to lead the conversation in the relevant way. Reimagining shifts in education, new economies, internship voids and a hyper level of entrepreneurship. All clear indications of Next Gen about to make their mark on the world.


Why Here Be Dragons is backing its employees to become entrepreneurs

At Here Be Dragons and we pride ourselves on recruiting, nurturing and retaining young talent. But, sometimes you have to read between the lines and understand that people, particularly junior members of staff, are coming out of the pandemic with a slightly different view of the world. That's why we've launched a new fund to back our junior members of staff if they decide to leave the agency and start their own business. Thanks to the Drum for telling our story.


The Future of Work

In our latest Tailwinds report, we look at the future of work. The next generation of work has become more nuanced, creative and innovative than ever. In this report, we explore four macro themes, focused around the employment and education shifts we’re currently experiencing both culturally and specifically for the next generation, Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Throughout, using mini case studies and real world examples we’ll demonstrate how the next generation of work are forging their own path.


UK consumers care about the product, price and purpose

Paul McEntee, Here Be Dragons founder and CEO, spoke to PR Moment about the findings of our first Tailwinds report.


Change isn’t something that brands are prepared for

Paul McEntee, Founder of Here be Dragons on why now is the time to ditch the tokenism and recognise the true power of purpose.


Why Data with meaning: How connecting through tradition and culture is the key is nothing new

Iona Inglesby, Creative and Studio Manager at Here Be Dragons, explores how data points have been recorded since ancient times by integrating creatively with communities for Creative Moment.


Navigating 2021 for Brands

In 2020 the world changed immeasurably. Having witnessed that change, we wanted to explore the changing dynamic between brands and their audiences, in order to understand how we can create better, braver work. This report is a first in a series called TAILWINDS which will explore micro and macro trend shifts from across the globe.


What if Futures: Gen Z & Sustainability

Jack Fancy, Creative Lead at Mc&T, shares his thoughts on Gen Z and sustainability through the lens of the innovations and trends predicted by LSN:global in their latest futures report. He explores some 'What if’s' of the affect on brands, businesses and surrounding cultures in the future.


Mc&T meet The Influencer Pay Gap

Mc&T interview Adesuwa, founder of The Influencer Pay Gap to learn more about how brands can improve their partnerships with Black creatives in the industry. Adesuwa founded The Influencer Pay Gap to allow influencers of colour to share their experiences and treatment in a safe space, whilst arming others in the industry with more information as to how to navigate the space.


In the midst of the economic and emotional fall out of the coronavirus crisis, how can the industry push for progress on equality and inclusivity?

Sabrina Coogan, Account Director and Head of I&D at Mc&T, caught up with Bite to share her thoughts on how companies can continue to push for progress on equality and inclusivity.


Why now is not the time to go quiet

Earlier this year, Mc&T's Chief Strategy Officer, Toto Ellis, shared his thoughts on why now is not the time for brands to go quiet. He discusses why simplicity is key for a brand message, how companies should use this time to pivot and reshape their services to fit the current climate and his observations on brand behaviour.


How 2020 Brands Should Respond to Black Friday

Our founder & CEO, Paul McEntee, wrote a piece for PR Week about 'Black Friday', and how consumer and brand perception around this retail moment has changed for good. It has now become the poster child for over-consumption and surplus, and future-facing brands are responding to the environmental need that 'new' is not always better.