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HeyHuman is the behavioural communications agency, focused on brand, content, social and experiential. We help clients grow Human Brands.

We grow Human Brands through changing behaviours.
Human Brands understand that the relationship between people and brands have changed.
For businesses and brands to grow today they need to connect differently with people.
We help brands grow by thinking differently about people, brands and marketing.
We make this happen through our MindKind(TM) approach.

Our clients include Diageo, Sony Xperia, Mondelez, SlimFast, Natures Menu and Typhoo.






Social media - Is it time to log off?

At our recent event, #LogOnLogOff we discussed the need for brands to be mindful of the impact social media can have on people’s wellbeing, and whether it’s time for businesses and individuals to permanently log off.


The new 14 brand relationships and the opportunity for Human Brands

Relationships between brands and people have changed. Here at HeyHuman, we've conducted research to gain a clear understanding of how to build better, stronger bonds between brands and people. This white paper outlines our brand relationships framework consisting of at least 14 relationships.


Stop Wasting Your Money on Influencers

Senior social strategist, Adam Ward shares 5 key principles for ensuring our clients, and the industry can benefit from a new era of partnerships between brands and influencers


The art vs science debate: Why can't we fully embrace creative effectiveness?

Dan Machen, Director of Innovation at HeyHuman talks art vs science and creative effectiveness with The Drum


Reflections on 2016: Post-truth communication

Dan Machen, Director of Innovation at HeyHuman speaks to M&M Global and outlines three campaigns in 2016 that proved the value of simplicity in marketing.


True agency change is a rollercoaster

Agencies always have to be ready for change, be prepared for the ups and downs.