Game changers: The unstoppable power of gaming influencers


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Gaming influencers are rapidly increasing in popularity and are emerging as the rock stars of the influencer marketing community - which as a whole reaches nearly half of the global adult population. Nearly one in ten consumers worldwide follow gaming influencers, and they are the most followed influencer type among males globally – while even more dominant among the hard-to-reach male 18-34 and teen demographics.

With a massive 68% of the global population playing video games weekly, they are now using their power and profile to tap into conversations around finance, education and mental health. Gaming influencers are able to connect with an audience like no other.

Join us on Wednesday 4th October at 10:00am via Zoom with our brilliant panellists discussing the power of the gaming industry where we'll delve into the profound impact of the gaming community. Our conversation will explore the characteristics and consumer behaviours of the gaming influencer audience, the disparities setting them apart from other influencers, their techniques for cultivating trust with their followers and the advantages that brands can benefit from these partnerships.


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Lucy Rissik

Consultant and Director of Partnerships for Women in Games, ex EA Women in Games