House 337 Sofa Session - Transgender Awareness Week: Representation matters


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About this event

  • Nearly half of Gen Z know people who are trans
  • One fifth (19%) of Britain know a person who is trans
  • Yet only 0.3% of ads cast people who are trans 

Join us in a discussion with our brilliant panellists as we come together this Transgender Awareness Week. We will be discussing the importance of representation in all areas of brand campaigns, with a focus on influencer and creator-led campaigns. The rise of creator-first social and video discovery channel’s means that publishers are less able to gatekeep the reach of and narrative around minority groups. This has allowed transgender creators a direct platform to share their stories without limitation. Both Gen Z and Millennial audiences expect diversity as a standard, they see through poorly thought-through stories and talent casting straight away. To engage young audiences, brands must assess how representative their strategies are, and ensure inclusion is natural and authentic.

Our panellists join us from across the country to highlight why diversity must be baked into the culture of businesses, their brands’ communications and why collaborating with LGBTQ+ creators is necessary for engaging younger audiences.