A beauty launch never looked so good

The challenge

The INKEY List is a young, British brand that’s all about cutting through industry jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skincare. Empowering people and improving their well-being through conversation, shared knowledge and premium yet affordable products. Whilst the brand enjoys a cult following in the UK, it sought to elevate its reach and also establish an audience in the USA, where it was hardly known at all. IMA’s objective was to boost The INKEY List’s profile, generating a buzz among beauty editors and challenging the competition, going on to impact a secondary aim of spiking conversions and increasing sales

Making it happen

We were aware of The INKEY List’s brand essence ‘Knowledge is your power’ because it had been provided to us during the pitching process. We also knew that their #askINKEY service, where consumers could request skincare consultations from The INKEY List team via social media, was a great success, with over 40,000 questions received in 12 months.

Our insight was that #askINKEY was a real asset, ultimately building a community for skincare knowledge, sowing brand goodwill and offering a unique, bespoke service along the way. Knowledge truly was its power. We were to target a consumer that is curious but confused about skincare, an audience that current skincare marketing excludes. Focusing on this target audience gave us a point of difference and created a platform to build empowerment. We wanted to celebrate real people, real conversations and real knowledge shared. We decided to make this central to our thinking, positioning The INKEY List as the go-to brand for accessible skincare, demystifying the industry and offering the right advice to anybody who needed it.

Our first step was to engage the very people we wanted to attract, because in our post-influencer climate, audiences want to hear what a product can do from a real person who actually uses it rather than being told by a paid ambassador. We contacted The INKEY List’s earliest and biggest superfans and flew them from different corners of the globe to either London or LA, where we filmed them sharing their personal skincare journeys. These shoots resulted in a suite of down-to earth, sensitive conversations about how The INKEY List empowers people to feel more comfortable in their skin. Our films made for refreshing, personal content, really highlighting The INKEY List as a brand you can come to start feeling good about yourself and be the person you want to be. Audiences were encouraged to embark on similar skincare journeys themselves.

We translated the film content across a range of over two hundred digital deliverables and a fully transactional website. We also mapped out a media plan and secured a competition-won TV spot and popular podcast partnerships. Next, seeding boxes were sent out to influencers in the US and UK so they could create their own personalised recipes and encourage their followers to do the same by asking INKEY.

10 million
impressions in just 2 weeks of going live
skincare recipe builds*
new Instagram followers

*at time of writing (10/09/20)

We’re truly delighted with the Knowledge is Your Power campaign. It is always a challenging brief for an agency to life something that we, as a brand, feel so passionate about. IMA have beautifully captured the journeys of our community and made them feel so welcome and comfortable throughout the process. As a smaller, growing brand, working with an agency that is fully integrated and that took the time to truly understand our requirements was a must We’ve been really impressed with the channel strategy and how our message is reaching a new audience. Initial results from the US show that skincare knowledge is appealing to those that are curious about skincare but perhaps too confused to take their first step.

Colette Laxton, Founder


The INKEY List: Knowledge Is Your Power

We were appointed by British skincare brand The INKEY List, to bring the unique proposition of ‘Knowledge if Your Power’ to life through a fully integrated global campaign. In it, we feature 11 of The INKEY List’s biggest fans.

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