adidas 'GLITCH'

adidas GLITCH is both a unique new football boot concept AND a brand new route to market. A first of its kind interchangeable boot, GLITCH needed to reach consumers in a way that broke the pattern.

We put mobile tech and influencers at the heart of our launch strategy. Our GLITCH community became the co-creators of the brand, from naming the boot, testing the prototypes and defining our marketing.

A dedicated GLITCH app took the place of online and physical stores. The boots were (and still are) ONLY available for purchase through the app. And the boots are delivered within 4 hours of purchase.

The app brings the adidas GLITCH ethos to life with a unique and responsive visual experience for the Snapchat generation that’s imperfect and edgy - a seamlessly integrated ecosystem with creation, delivery, payment, analytics and CRM working together as one.

No media spend, zero advertising or sponsorship and no celebrity endorsement. 

To launch the GLITCH ‘Prep Pack’, we needed to create a campaign that matched up to adidas’ unrivalled reputation for innovation, whilst driving app downloads and fame in London.

The pack was inspired by hard work, and we knew that in London, hard work and long hours on the pitch are rewarded with some serious play. So, we took GLITCH off the pitch and into a place our core audience of 14-19 year old, football playing Londoners, associate with a post-match reward – the local takeaway shop. 

 Taking over a fast food restaurant in East London, we re-skinned the eatery entirely as GLITCH – rebranding every touchpoint to create what felt like an authentic and legitimate takeaway shop, all laced with GLITCH product, merch and a secret performance from North London’s own drill rapper, Headie One.

Via adidas’ social channels we challenged our audience to race down to the shop to win a free pair of boots.

Closing the event with a part wrap film part product ad, the experience brought together the GLITCH product, community and irreverent expression – for the ultimate ‘Takeaway Takeover’.

Downloads in the first four months
Mins average time spent on the app - 2x industry average
Sales conversion rate
Redemption rate on codes activated
Cannes Lions


Adidas 'GLITCH'

adidas GLITCH is both a unique new football boot concept AND a brand new route to market.

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