Barclays Air Cabs

In a bid to tackle London’s concerning air pollution issue, Barclays partnered up with innovation start-up, Airlabs, and challenged us to activate the partnership in a way that would leave a lasting impression on Londoners.

So, we brought a fleet of clean air cabs on the streets of London for twelve weeks throughout the summer.

Equipped with innovative air cleaners the 10 taxis are fitted with Airlabs’ unique nano-carbon technology which removes up to 95% of pollutants from inside the cab within 10 minutes.

The cleaners remove up to 97% of particulate matter and up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide. Resulting in air cleaner than that found in the Peak District National Park.

The Barclays Air cabs demonstrate how this new technology can dramatically reduce the exposure to air pollution on our congested city streets. Providing drivers and their passengers with clean air for their journeys.

The Barclays Air cabs showcase Barclays commitment to support growing UK businesses and solve the world’s biggest societal and environmental challenges.

The Barclays Air cabs gained national coverage across The Mirror, Daily Mail and Londonist. And, on the first two days of launch, all rides were free between zone 1 and zone 2.


Barclays 'Air Cabs'

Tackling London’s concerning air pollution issue.



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