Formula E 'Attack Mode'

For Season 5, Formula E introduced its fastest and most powerful model – the Gen 2 car. Boasting an improved battery, now lasting the whole race, the need for regulatory pitstops prevalent in previous seasons had been removed. 

So, we brought a team of creatives and innovators from Iris together with a multi-disciplinary team from Formula E to conceptualise ways to enhance the racing experience and create real jeopardy. 

To add an extra layer of drama to the races we developed ‘Attack Mode’ – a Super Mario Kart inspired power up system. 

The driver simply arms Attack Mode with the press of a button and then drives over the three timing sensors to unlock an extra 25kw of power. If they miss the sensor, they miss out. Get it right and Attack Mode is active for a limited period of time during the race. 

To maximisethe unpredictability, the number, duration and minimum amount of times drivers can arm Attack Mode is announced by the FIA just one hour before the race. 

Touted as being as significant as the introduction of the 3-pointer in basketball, Attack Mode is a hit with the drivers, the media and most importantly the crowd. As of Season 5 Attack Mode is now a part of Formula E races. 

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Formula E 'Attack Mode'

Introducing a racing revolution for Formula E.

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