Here To Create - The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Challenge

The FIFA World Cup is one of the most significant global sporting events. In the battle for visibility, we created a series of films for adidas.

Our Approach

Acting as mini-documentaries, we tell the personal stories of adidas’ star players past and present.

Designed to own the internet on the day of publishing, each is tagged ‘Here To Create’ and aims to show that the power of creativity inspires others and can take you from humble beginnings to the world stage. 

Looking at adidas-sponsored players and teams through a personal lens, we identified human insights and truths about Gabriel Jesus, Mo Salah and the Spanish Federation (RFEF).

All the films are subtitled with the players narrating their stories in their native languages.

Paint The Streets

Gabriel Jesus’s story focuses on the change that has occurred in his life since the last World Cup, when he was painting the streets of his local favela. Now the streets are painted for him.

100 Million Strong

The Mo Salah film reveals Mo’s feelings on representing the hopes and dreams of 100 million Egyptians at the World Cup.

Spain Federation

The Spain Federation (RFEF) film aims to demonstrate how football can bring Spain together.

Beckham x Zidane

In the lead up to the final, 3 more films starring two of footballs biggest icons, David Beckham & Zinedine Zidane, were released.

The Results

They were distributed across all of adidas’ global and local digital channels, plus the player’s own channels. Beckham X Zidane ‘Create Respect’ also aired on leading French broadcaster TF1 just before the kick off of the France vs Belgium semi-final.

Views and counting
Growth in adidas SOV in less than 24 hours with the Mo Salah film
Increase in adidas' total turnover, to €5.26Bn, with €3.2Bn coming from footwear sales
Increase in online sales, thanks to 2.5M downloads of e-com app supported by WC advertising


Here To Create - The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Helping adidas to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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