United by Summits

Positioning adidas Terrex as a credible outdoor brand

As the fastest growing sports category in the world Outdoor represents a key opportunity for growth for adidas, which has high-performance product lines in snow/ski, mountaineering, hiking, trail running. However, due to adidas’ legacy in sport and fashion, it isn’t perceived as a credible outdoor brand in the same way as North Face or Arcteryx.


We had a clear brief: to position Terrex as a credible outdoor brand by bringing its new platform ‘United By Summits’ to life. ​


As we delved into the category, we uncovered a sea of sameness. The same visuals, the same narrative, the same expectation. We wanted to change that by opening things up and painting a realistic portrait of the outdoors in all its inclusive glory, aligning with the brand’s vision to encourage everyone to get out into nature no matter who you are or where you’re from.


The route forward was exciting – subverting stereotypes and finding outdoor stories from people who the category has ignored, reframing what the great outdoors means to different people, all of whom are ‘United by Summits’.

We created a series of long-form films to tell these stories, as well as hero moving image assets for a global YouTube and BVOD campaign.

Every summit in our 6-story series focuses on one of the adidas Terrex activities (Hike, Climb, Bike, Mountaineering, Snow and Trail Running). Each telling the true, human story of the athletes, celebrating their individual summits and showing the real, honest side of transformation in the outdoors.  


The campaign launched with a 60” hero film that aimed to clearly redefine what we mean by ‘summits’. The campaign was supported by a suite of digital, social and retail assets and the hero campaign was promoted OOH.

Finally, we encouraged our audience to go on their own adventures, offering help to those who wish to share their own personal summit, no matter how big or small with the My Summit initiative.

We also created the new Visual Identity for Terrex, launched at the same time as the campaign.


United by Summits

No two summits are the same so every summit in our 6 story series will focus on each of the adidas Terrex activities (Hike, Climb, Bike, Mountaineering, Snow and Trail Running). Each of these films tell the real, human story of each athlete and celebrates their individual summits

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