Skipton Building Society: Meaningful Giving

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Skipton Building Society is about much more than just money. Established in 1853, the UKs fourth largest building society appointed Jaywing to direct the long-term strategic roadmap for the brand.

We created a highly emotive creative brand platform built around ‘meaningful giving’ - the idea that when your money is in a good place, you can afford to give to those you love in life in the heartfelt moments that matter.

We’re responsible for bringing the brand to life across all channels – from TV ads to tweets, ITV sponsorship and everything inbetween – we’ve even created Skipton’s very own typeface made from the famous castle logo.

Increase in brand consideration
Increase in return on investment (ROI)
More effective at driving new account openings

Jaywing absolutely understood what we wanted to achieve and identified what makes us different, demonstrating how we can continue to evolve the brand and attract new audiences, whilst remaining relevant and without losing the equity we’ve gained over the years. We wanted a true partner agency that really challenged our thinking and Jaywing did just that - we're really excited to be working with the team.

Lynne Cook, Head of Marketing, Skipton Building Society


Shortlisted: The Drum Roses Awards 2022

Best Copywriting

Shortlisted: Prolific North Marketing Awards 2022

Best Brand Building Campaign

Shortlisted: Prolific North Marketing Awards 2022

Best Professional & Financial Services


Skipton Building Society | Meaningful Giving

Driving fame for a 170-year-old brand

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