Persuade people to join us and use us more, by making switching with Uswitch feel easy and hassle free not only for energy but for broadband and mobile switching too.


People would rather spend their valuable time and money on things they enjoy than waste it. Despite this, 47% of people have never switched energy supplier, suggesting that millions could be spending more than they need. But switching providers feels like such a tedious chore, the saving doesn't seem worth the effort.


A multi-channel, modular campaign extolling the benefits of switching energy, broadband and mobile with Uswitch. Rather than 'saving money' if focusses on what it allows you to enjoy, from getting those new trainers, buying your daughter violin lessons or simply having the time to put your feet up. Over 20 vignettes tailored to cover all three product pillars and speak to our different target audiences and optimise across different channels.


Youtube, Digital, Radio




What you do after you switch is up to you

Narrated by Peep Show’s Matt King, the ad follows the weird and wonderful purchases, from neon yellow shoes to a model aeroplane, made by Uswitch customers as a result of saving on their energy bill.

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