Show them what you’re made of


Tencel are world leaders in sustainable wood fibres but they’re virtually unknown. This is understandable given that 67% of consumers are unsure if their own clothes are eco-friendly or not.

By leveraging their leading fashion brand partners, we can reveal to the world the secret ingredient of Tencel fibres.


We created the ‘X’ campaign, a symbol of collaboration to showcase Tencel’s partnerships and drive awareness and credibility for the brand.

The campaign was executed across 7 international markets from China to Europe and utilised social video and print to tell the story of forest to fashion. 


  • 93.2 million impressions
  • 68.8 million video views
  • 530,000 clicks through to site

At Journey Further we focus on business strategy. We are using the learnings from experimentation in order to identify and tackle bigger strategic questions, and top-down, whereby our experimentation efforts are driven by the strategic direction of your business. We continue to leverage this approach to ensure experimentation is driving at the heart of e-commerce innovation.


Show them what you’re made of

Tencel are world leaders in sustainable wood fibres but lacked strong brand awareness. Journey Further created the X campaign to showcase the brand's sustainability and credibility, resulting in millions of impressions around the globe.

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