Togetherness is Served

Client challenge

Concept, develop and produce a series of content films to use for seasonal messaging.


Celebrating serve-wear as the facilitator of togetherness, Portmeirion is the glass you share with old friends and the plate of Yorkshire Puddings you pass to your favourite relatives.

With this insight, we came up with ‘Togetherness is Served’ as an emotive yet functional message for the brand to engage with its customers.

The campaign was brought to life in a series of short content films with additional product photography.

We also designed bespoke Christmas guidelines to deliver both social prospecting and product led retargeting ads, as well as all the motion marketing collateral to aid performance before, during and after the peak period.


estimated ad recall lift
average CPR

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Togetherness is Served

Helping Portmeirion celebrate family time with their first ever Christmas campaign.

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