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After our 2016 ‘Become a Better You’ campaign, positive attitudes towards The Army were at an all-time high. But with bigger targets to hit in 2017, we needed to persuade a larger and broader audience to sign up. 

Encouraging people to join The Army isn’t like asking someone to try a different tea brand or buy a new kettle. A decision to join The Army is a decision to change your life, so we had to look beyond traditional advertising to reach our goals. 

The Solution

Qualitative interviews, quantitative research and data analysis revealed a key powerful emotional driver that attracted people to The Army beyond skills and adventure. The notion of belonging to a brotherhood and sisterhood, of experiencing powerful bonds that support you, give you purpose and encourage you to grow. 

This desire to belong - one of psychology’s most powerful drivers - became the core motivating message in this year's recruitment campaign.

The journey from initial consideration to a completed application is long. To keep candidates motivated we used data-driven content to craft personalised messaging that would engage them along every step of the way.

Analysing social data from previous successful applicants, we identified a suite of common ambitions and interests that motivate different types of people who join The Army, which we then created content around.

Using our data toolset, we were able to serve this tailored content to potential candidates at an individual-level, at the right time and in the right context - increasing engagement and conversion rates whilst significantly decreasing media spend.

Finally, we transformed The Army website into a conversion-led, mobile-first digital hub where potential recruits could take bespoke paths depending on their interests and what stage they were at in their decision making process. 


Although the campaign is still live, initial results are showing a dramatic, double-digit increase in completed applications year on year, whilst at the same time continuing to make major media savings. It has delivered a 139 increase in regular officer applications vs the same campaign period in 2016.

In short, the campaign is making The Army somewhere people want to belong.

The work won the DMA Grand Prix 2017.

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