Taylor's Port - Port Season

The Challenge

Taylor’s Port had a problem: its rich flavours, inviting textures and warming character were being confused for a drink that could only be enjoyed at Christmas – especially by younger consumers.

Our campaign would need to change this perception, showcasing its incredibly versatile nature in occasions far outside of the festive period. We would also need to shrug off the ‘traditional’ and ‘outdated’ image too often associated with port while maintaining the premium heritage that separates Taylor’s from the competition.

The Insight 

To fix this, we changed the way our audience saw the drink – redefining their understanding of how to enjoy port in the many occasions that can be enhanced by its humble addition. 

We found an opportunity to do so through a combination of audience, category and cultural insights – discovering that alcohol consumption in our target audience is declining, and that preference is moving towards savouring quality over quantity.

The Idea

The answer? An exciting new platform that reframed our audience’s perception of Taylor’s Port. This platform would inspire and educate our audience with suggestions for how to properly enjoy a bottle of the Douro Valley’s finest – at Christmas and beyond.

We called it Port Season.

With this new season, Taylor’s Port could establish ownership of all the cosy and warming moments throughout the autumnal and winter months. Starting when the clocks go back, and lasting into the new year, it would be the time of year for roasting by the fire, recovering from long, muddy walks, and nights sheltered from the weather outside. However these moments were spent, they could always be savoured with a glass of Taylor’s Port. 

The Execution

We established Port Season with a campaign that focussed on five key moments: Halloween, Bonfire Night, autumnal dinner parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We engaged our audience with messaging across film, social content and a campaign landing page that encouraged a new way to engage with Taylor’s Port, and a new way to make the most of our favourite new season.

The Results

Port Season proved to be a resounding success for the business. Over the three-month period up to Christmas, Taylor's Port was the number one brand in the UK in terms of sales volumes and value – the first time this had happened in two years. 


Taylor's Port - Port Season

This digital campaign challenged the misconception that Port is just for Christmas. Our concept, ‘Port Season’, placed Taylor’s at the centre of five autumnal and wintry occasions - Halloween, Bonfire Night, an autumnal feast, Christmas and New Year’s

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