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We are an independent, global creative agency specialising in finding, influencing and selling to affluent consumers. Our collaborative culture means that everyone in the agency can contribute to the creative output and clients can be involved as much or as little as they like. #KeepVerging drives everything we do. It's a philosophy we have in common with modern affluent consumers. It means we never settle. We continue to evolve with the world around us and the brands we serve.






Technology and the Joy of Missing Out.

Our Director of Technology, Chris Griggs, argues that we should resist the allure of new technology for its own sake, and use it only to serve one purpose. Namely, to enhance the end user-experience.


What does 'Personal' mean?

A complex subject, 'Personalisation' has different meanings for both clients and consumers alike. Our Planner, Jenni Ashwood, explores the many possibilities for brands looking to get 'personal'.


Brands who ignore WeChat are ignoring the future.

WeChat has been one of the luxury world’s fascinations in recent years. Ning's thought piece is written from a Chinese perspective, with personal experiences and anecdotes. It includes important brand considerations of the Chinese consumer, WeChat’s opportunities and its powerful rise to the world’s digital stage.


Why the one-stop shop is back.

Our Campaign & Media Planner, Harry Steer, believes that creative and media agencies are reuniting. Drawing on his experience in media agencies, he examines the challenges facing the industry today - and tries to shed some light on its future, asking: is it time we reconsidered the media agency structure?


Interesting times for Visual Identity.

In today’s day and age, the logo bears most the weight of a brand’s identity. But as the breadth of applications grows over which a visual identity needs to work, we need a more open approach to suit the demands of modern media – one that moves away from logo-reliant systems towards more flexible context-driven design.


Print vs. Digital - It's time for a truce.

Print is dead; long live print. In a world where experience rules, we’re finally beginning to understand that these avenues aren’t at war; rather, by designing digital and physical experiences that can coexist, each is able to serve the customer better than if they had to do it on their own.


Be Clear.

Action speaks louder than words – the phrase has never been truer. Transparency in advertising isn’t just a trend, but a business philosophy. With an eye towards the environment and social good, those brands that embrace honestly in all they do stand to win the hearts of the modern age’s most discerning consumers.


The changing face of retail.

The high street is undergoing a makeover. Due to a rise in popularity of experiences over things, simple sales won’t tempt customers over the store threshold. We look at how collaborations, the reinvention of store experiences and visual merchandising can differentiate brands amongst the clutter.


The lexicon of luxury is defunct.

In a world where everything carries a luxury label, injecting meaning back into the word is crucial when connecting with the contemporary consumer. A brand’s perceived behaviour and set of values, which transcends image and price, is what will help it not just remain relevant to the next generation but rise to the top.


It doesn't matter what you call it.

Meet PAM. It’s not so much an acronym as a way of thinking that allows us to give brands what they need. As technology advances and social trends evolve, lines are becoming blurred. This philosophy elevates ideas above disciplines and relies on a holistic and collaborative process to deliver the best results.


It's time to leave logic behind.

When it comes to selling luxury services and products, feelings rule the playing field. Emotion outstrips any logical calculation of value. For brands that accept the invitation to enter the lives of their customers and deliver surprise-and-delight experiences and narratives, the potential for profit is enormous.