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Beyond is the UK’s only price comparison website for everything after life – whether it’s writing a will, engaging a funeral director or purchasing a funeral plan.


Death has become something of a taboo in the UK, fuelling a closed shop mentality where prices are spiralling and the bereaved are left short changed. Beyond needed to change this.


The funeral industry is worth over £2 billion a year and has had an annual growth rate of 4.5% over the past 5 years, yet sensitivity around the topic has allowed it to fly under the radar. To break the taboo, we needed to tackle the ever-increasing price of dying head on and start a national conversation.


With Ian Strang – CEO of Beyond – we produced an award-winning series of ads that the nation couldn't ignore.


Transport for London banned the ads, causing a national debate. This led to the prize for Best Viral Campaign at The Drum Awards 2018, and international coverage from the BBC, New York Times, Daily Mail, Metro, Sky, The Sun, and more – reaching millions, free of charge.

No. 3
The campaign trended as the 3rd most popular story on the BBC website within its first week.
Of new customers enrolled for online will services, in turn raising several hundred thousand pounds for charity through legacy gifting.
The number of coffins cast for the photoshoot.
The Drum Awards 2018 Best Viral Campaign.

Following the controversy, we were overwhelmed by the support we received from the public and this award gives a further stamp of approval from the advertising industry to our campaign.

Ian Strang, CEO, Beyond


Beyond: Let's Talk About Death

Beyond: Let's Talk About Death

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