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Travel for Good

We’re happy to announce that Human Magazine’s ‘Travel for Good’ issue is out now online and in print! Featuring pieces from Rolls-Royce, Palau Pledge, Mintel, All Nippon Airways and Fiona Jeffery OBE, as well as insight into industry leaders Lush, ABTA, MSC Cruises and more. Explore a compendium of ‘Travel for Good’ initiatives and discover how the travel and tourism industry can be used as a force for positive social, environmental and economic change. Human Magazine – for good.


The Travel Marketer’s Digital Toolkit

Travel is digital. We inspire, search, plan and book on digital channels and platforms, so majority of marketing expenditure for travel brands naturally is digital. But with new channels and platforms emerging daily what's the best mix? Who are the 'flash in a pans' and what is tried and tested today that can be relied upon for solid results. And in an era where everyone says they can provide 'content' we see that not all content is created equal.


The Travel Tribe Has Spoken: Who Owns the Future of Travel?

We hear directly from the travel giants in the US - in particular, the next billion-dollar growth market of Travel Experiences and how the giants have not be able to crack it, leaving the door open for well-funded start-ups. Fascinating stuff for digital business where, if not careful, they run the danger of factoring the human element completely out of the hospitality industry.


This Is Why Spock Has Never Done Stand-Up

With the rise of data and the evidence that the industry is becoming all too ‘left brain’, have we finally got evidence of why Spock has never done stand-up comedy? A mystery solved.


The Importance of Using Both Sides of the Brain

We’re all currently drowning in data. All this needs professional marketers with common sense and sheer gut instinct to cut through and make sense of it all. And then, crucially, to sprinkle the magic between the numbers... to let loose the most powerful force of creativity, which is informed, not constricted, by the rafts of data and analysts.


Data: The Haves and the Have Nots

Last week I lost my phone, bank cards, and ID. With app driven banking and international cards all needing 2-factor authentication, I quickly fell off the planet. This week, with a new phone, I return from a conference where Forrester and the Economic Intelligence Unit suggests 27% future business growth for companies with a direct line to data and the insights driven from it, compared to the typical growth rate of 3.5%. This gulf between the Haves and Have Nots I suspect will grow even wider.


Human Magazine Issue #7 - Travel For Good

This is an open invitation for submissions from any organisation involved in tangible initiatives of Sustainable Travel.


What Is Sustainable Travel and How Do We Do It... Before It’s Too Late?

We have a simple choice in our industry: to be part of either the problem, or the solution. We all face daily commercial realities that impinge upon our business decisions. Bills and salaries need to be paid and livelihoods maintained. But sometimes we are fortunate to work on things that can have a positive impact on society and the environment. Here we look at how humans must start walking the walk to create more sustainable travel.