How we made the plight of a village 4,000 miles away feel close to home with WaterAid #Untapped


Our initial brief from WaterAid made their ambition clear: this was the biggest fundraising target they had ever set, almost £4 million, which would be matched by pound-for-pound by DFID. However, it wasn’t just ambitious in pure fundraising terms. WaterAid sought to maximise reach and engagement levels, standout and develop market-leading digital experiences, driving positive brand sentiment that would create a basis for future growth and engagement.


We created a completely new creative strategy to bring the people of the UK closer to the people of Tombohuaun. We knew if we could bring the dirty water hole closer to home, people would care more about replacing it with a clean new pump.

We kicked off the campaign with ads across Facebook that told the story of the Tombohuan community and people. The main activation dove deeper in to the cause with behind the scenes ‘how to’ videos, participatory pictures, a chat bot and name generator to help connect people with the village of Tombohuan across our tried and tested channels; DRTV, inserts, social, display and PPC.


As well as smashing performance targets the campaign had 430 million unique opportunities to view.

600,000 people donated, 20,000 of whom were new donors, and #Untapped raised £4.2 million – which was doubled to £8.4 million by the UK Government. That’s an ROI of 5.2, which is well above sector averages for international development charities and unheard of at a time of public distrust in International NGOs. WaterAid also had the highest buzz scores of any charity in the competitive set over Christmas which converted into effectiveness, thanks to a stellar digital journey.

Unique views

“This campaign was a phenomenal success for us. Hitting the fundraising target and maximising the Aid Match contribution was key. This required us to think about Performance in a different way, ensuring every touchpoint helped ladder up to a single goal. The Kite Factory were integral to helping us smash that challenge.”

Jon Eserin, Individual Giving & Engagement Lead at WaterAid


WaterAid #Untapped: Making the plight of a village 4,000 miles away feel close to home

Together The Good Agency, Tin Man and KRTP, we created a performance campaign with a difference, prioritising light touch engagement over asking – inviting people to like, share and be part of the community so that they’d be more likely to want to donate to it.