Defining Workspace Innovation

KWT partners with Ricoh to help them build a powerful thought leadership role around owning ‘Workplace Innovation’. ​

To build their authority, we conducted an in-depth study and identified a leadership platform The Economy of People. We bring this to life through fully integrated, sales enablement, media relations and digital assets that drive valuable conversations with customers, prospects and influencers. ​

The Economy of People’ narrative was championed by senior leadership and revolutionized the way Ricoh UK talks about its business both internally and externally. The narrative formed the backbone of Ricoh’s annual sales conference, and contributed to a wider understanding of how the workplace can contribute to both business and economic success.


Ricoh - Owning Workspace Innovation

Ricoh has become the leading experts in workplace innovation. By commissioning a deep study of the future of work, we used the insights to create integrated strategies that transformed Ricoh's communication, sales and business impact.

Business Objectives



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