Changing consumer behaviour for BP

Creating a personal, emotional connection to launch

BP’s new payment app - BPme.

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BPme positive and neutral social interactions have outweighed the negative for the first time in over the last two months


We were challenged by BP to help launch its new payment platform, BPme, in the UK last year - and to help change behaviour of customers on forecourts across the country. 

BPme wasn’t the first app in the sector and wasn’t offering anything radically different or new at launch. But, strategically, BPme was hugely important for developing a stronger 1:1 connection with its customers, and the targets for downloads were high!


A fuel payment app isn’t the sexiest of subjects. So, we looked at the pure customer benefits of the app – time saved with every payment – and developed a brand within a brand, to better emotionally engage with and educate customers and media on BP’s biggest launch to market last year.  

We called it BPme Time

To give BP credibility and authority to talk about ‘me time’ and the time saved with the app, we brokered a partnership with The School of Life to publish a 4,000 word co-branded book that celebrated and articulated the concept of ‘me time’. 

The book was distributed to stakeholders, media and customers to clearly land the brand messaging and benefits of BPme. 

We also commissioned a 2.5-minute brand animation for social media that analysed and championed the concept of ‘me time’ for BP customers.  

To top it all, we then created a one-hour internal brand workshop with The School of Life, to help BP employees get more out of ‘me time’ and better understand the benefits of the app they were marketing. 

Phase II saw us focus on a key customer segment for BPme – time pressed parents. To put a spotlight on the time pressures parents feel (and then champion the time saving benefits of the app), we conducted consumer research to identify the top stresses parents face around that busiest time of year – Back to School. This generated coverage across all the key nationals, with BPme mentioned in all coverage, directly contributing to an uplift in app store traffic and those all-important downloads.

The launch of BPme also meant that BP Retail had to engage with customers across their social channels in a way they had never done before. And, we were, and still are, at the heart of that work.  

We manage all social media channels for BP Retail.  

That’s Facebook (850k followers) and Twitter UK (6k followers) and PLC (66.5k followers) seven days a week, as well as reviews on the app store across Android and iOS, responding to all customer concerns, complaints or compliments (they do happen) within three hours.  



We’ve worked with BP for over fifteen years, across all parts of the business and remain a strategic partner for the retail business. Our work on BPme and community management has been held up as best practice for tone of voice throughout the UK business and is driving a new more emotional conversation between the brand and its customers.


Changing consumer behaviour for BP

Creating a personal, emotional connection to launch BP’s new payment app - BPme.


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