Driving perception change for Hyundai

Launch’s Clean Driving campaign for Hyundai capitalised on the public’s obsession with clean air - to drive news, lifestyle and automotive coverage, as well as huge social engagement.

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Hyundai UK heralded as ‘best in-country PR’ in 2019 European review (Launch has worked with Hyundai for the last four years)

The Challenge:

Our brief from Hyundai over the last four years has been to drive brand perception change (away from supposedly ‘cheap Korean cars’), to reinforce their very justified innovation credentials, whilst creating an emotional connection to reach a new, younger and more urban audience.

In 2018, the challenge was to launch the new generation Fuel Cell car – NEXO (a car that can actually clean the air) whilst promoting Hyundai’s leadership in sustainable transport, against a backdrop of scrutiny and scepticism around the automotive industry’s contribution to air quality problems.


We needed a platform that allowed Hyundai to take part in the debate around alternative fuels, but in an engaging and culturally relevant way that had mainstream appeal. We needed to educate but not preach, inspire but not alienate. So, we created ‘Clean Driving Month’ (a take on Clean Eating of course) and put Hyundai at the heart of the clean air debate in October.  

We ran a full throttle month of integrated activity across PR, social and influencer marketing, that kicked off by calling on drivers to be more mindful (and stop swearing) behind the wheel, generating instant media pick-up.  

This was followed by a Launch inspired partnership with UCL (leaders in the fuel cell area) to actually map the dirtiest driving route in London, which we then helped ‘clean up’ - by getting media and influencers behind the wheel. This culminated in a weekend of consumer activation with NEXO Neighbourhoods, where the public bid to drive the NEXO in their own backyard.

But we knew that simply telling people that the car cleaned the air wasn’t enough, we had to prove it – and visually. So we conducted a unique demonstration with 10-foot balloons, to bring to life the air cleaning ability of the NEXO. We showed dirty air entering the engine and clean air coming out the other end – live, in front of the media (and with only one take!).   

We also took to the streets with Georgie Barrat from the Gadget Show to bring all that tech down to earth with simple, easy to understand and engaging video content.  

What’s Next:

Sustainable mobility remains at the heart of Hyundai’s brand communication strategy, and we’re now building on the success of the Clean Driving campaign for 2019.


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