This South African-based financial institution has a rare ethos which is embodied by an energy and solution culture. We have just started on the campaign which will break in 2019.




In the meantime, we have helped Invested with their last sponsorship of Epsom Derby. 

For the first nine years of Investec sponsoring the Epsom Derby, their main focus was selling tickets. Our challenge was to intuitively communicate Investec’s brand values, using their sponsorship of the Derby as a vehicle.




We identified a significant link between what the target audience enjoyed about horse racing and what they needed from financial partners. At its finest, horse racing is a combination of acting fast and strategic thinking, which is also fundamental to Investec’s internal culture of ‘We find a way.’ This gave us our proposition for the campaign – The greatest winners outwit the field.

Our messaging for broadcast media was Winners run a different race, which was adapted to Winners think furlongs ahead in order to precisely target race-goers at the event itself.




As a result of the campaign the awareness of Investec brand saw a 5% increase amonths their target audience.