The best wine brand in Australia wanted to become a global luxury icon. We helped them by using their Bin numbers as a creative vehicle which helped Millenial aspirant wine drinkers develop their taste for great wine.




Over 150 years Penfolds has become firmly established as the premium wine brand in Australia. Continued growth naturally moved their focus towards global markets, where the brand was a largely unknown.

To position the brand beyond the wine category (and the competition), Penfolds decided to become a global luxury icon. With this approach the brand was free to completely revolutionise their marketing.

Consumer research showed that affluent millennial wine lovers lacked confidence in their wine knowledge, but still wanted to exhibit and share their wine with peers. This insight allowed us to connect with our audience using communications rooted in simple brand truths.

Every Penfolds grape harvest is distinctive, so ‘bins’ are numbered to mark each unique yield. We used Penfolds bin numbers as a way of decoding the wines, telling stories about the Penfolds brand.




Our integrated campaign – Numbers Can Be Extraordinary appeared across every touchpoint of the customer experience, including a digital campaign globally.




The campaign lead to Drinks International recognising Penfolds as the ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brand’, while consumer demand is at a much higher level than supply.