MSC Cruises 

MSC is the 2nd fastest growing company in their sector, who have to hire 25K new global employees by middle of 2019 to work across their cruise and cargo sectors.


The existing communication was pushing functional benefits, which did not differentiate the company in the eyes of employees. The existing staff did not feel valued or part of something bigger at MSC, which resulted in a higher than average churn. Simultaneously, the company was under huge pressure to hire more staff to service their ships against tight deadlines.

As such we were hired to reposition MSC as a genuine long-term career option and consequently make the brand more appealing for potential recruits. We endeavoured to establish a values-based structure to emotionally connect with their existing employees and encourage potential ones.

People are the biggest asset of any company, who live company’s values every day. By championing MSC people, we can champion company values. This way “MSC People” came to be.

We’ve engaged with the MSC founders, who talked about five identified company values and explained what they mean on video. It was publicly launched and then available on the intranet app to all. Values and how they translate to simple everyday were then regularly communicated across the work force. In addition, we showcased real employee success stories on how they are living these values.


We were communicating with very diverse audiences from different languages, educations and sector backgrounds. More so, our audience was scattered across warehouses, in cargo and cruise ships or stationed across the globe. However, with huge operational precision, firmly communicating that MSC cares for their People and showing how it translates to the simple every day, we were able to connect with our vast audience on a very human level.


Concurrently, we defined the brand architecture and identities for the separate brands of MSC ‘Cruises’ and ‘Cargo’. 

Campaign was rolled out recently and we can’t yet share any results. However, current predictions suggest we are strongly on our way to achieve the goal of 25K new recruits over the next 9 months.