Patek Philippe - Ladies

Breathing new life into an iconic brand

A launch campaign for the new ladies watch that is made to support the life of a contemporary woman, but stays true to the original values of the discerning brand 

Twenty years ago, Patek Philippe, although successful with male clients, did not have a highly desirable ladies watch in their collection to compete with Rolex or Cartier. After extensive research the brand has released its first quartz, automatic, stainless steel ladies’ piece. Leagas Delaney was charged with turning the watch into a stand out iconic piece globally.

We’ve realised that this was not just an occasional watch, but a watch suitable for every aspect of a fast-paced life. In fact, we’ve based the entire campaign on the positioning, “It lives my life” – acknowledging the rich world a modern woman lives every day - from personal, to professional, to social – so we came up with the name and called this watch Twenty-4. The creative execution ‘Who will you be in the next 24 hours?’ perfectly reflected this multifaceted aspect of woman’s life.

In 2018, twenty years on, we were tasked with global launch of the new version of Twenty-4 Automatic.

To succeed, we needed to ensure that the new integrated campaign reflects the more mature attitude women have developed with the category. Although the collection proposition was strong enough to carry the brand for all those years, creatively we needed to redefine who the new owner of this watch would be.

Twenty-4 Automatic is a product for a modern, highly capable, independent person. It talks to a woman about herself and her feelings. She is confident and not trying to blend in; a high achiever on her own terms, with a global outlook. She is ready to “Begin your own tradition”. 

This statement serves across all the campaign assets and acts as a welcome to the Patek Philippe world. An offer to begin a rich, enduring relationship with a brand that shares the values of our modern, contemporary woman.

The campaign has launched just this October, but already is very well received across the markets globally. It was covered by Telegraph as 'a celebration of the new generation of female watch lovers.'