Investec, Private Bank

Investec private bank needed a campaign that not only addressed their ambitious business requirements but also established meaningful awareness in a market which is dominated by traditional Private Banks. With a spontaneous awareness of just 6% it was clear that potential clients didn’t know who IPB are, what they offer, what they stand for and what the potential benefits are to them. 

In order to make an impact, we needed to introduce ourselves in a way which unsettles an intelligent, confident audience who are happy with their banking needs, positioning our expertise as a catalyst for active wealth creators, helping them unlock opportunities and create more wealth. This proposition was built on a deep understanding of what success means to the eclectic group of exceptional people we call Active Wealth Creators


We created a campaign which showcases IPBs values and product offerings, demonstrating how they mirror the values and requirements of our audience. It recognises that ambitious individuals are driven by creativity and goals rather than wealth itself. The campaign therefore aims to redefine success through this narrative and to encourage consumers to think about the role of a private bank in helping them achieve their version of success.

Our target was to generate 800 new clients per year, and whilst the campaign is still in its early stages, we’re driving over 4,000 potential clients to the site per month. Average daily visits to PB & success landing pages have increased 220% following campaign launch. Organic search, paid search and direct traffic increased 72% following launch. Paid search: (Google FS benchmark 2.91%) – our results are currently at 15.8%.


Average daily visits to PB & Success landing pages have increased
Direct Traffic increased following launch.
Paid Search: (Google FS benchmark 2.91%)
Our results are currently at


Investec - Success

The first campaign by Investec Private Banking in three years outlines the bank’s rigorous, but flexible approach to build long-term, personal relationships with their clients, who define their own version of success