Creating cultural impact by giving parents a way to start difficult conversations that are helping a generation of children stay safe online.



The NSPCC has been protecting children in the UK for over a century but the popularity of the internet has created a new danger for a whole generation of kids. With technology changing at a rapid rate, parents were left feeling helpless and out of their depth when it came to teaching their children about staying safe online and the NSPCC wanted to help.



In January 2015, we developed the ‘Share Aware’ campaign, and a set of guidelines that provided practical information about the web all in one place. We launched the campaign with 10” teasers on TV and the animated film “I saw your willy” on YouTube and Facebook to dramatize the consequences of a boy who shared too much online.



In its launch weekend the initial Facebook video post reached more than 2 million people organically and created 65 million social impressions. This resulted in the cost per view being 73% less than planned with paid social delivering 628% more views than set out in the campaign KPIs. Celebrities got on board to Tweet about the campaign and 7 weeks after launch, the film was being watched on average once a second.

Share Aware is part of a long-term behavioural change campaign for the NSPCC to help address the growing concern of how to keep children safe on the internet. It has proved so popular that with our help the NSPCC have begun to roll the campaign out to schools all over the UK. With its simple and memorable call to action, Share Aware is the “Stop Look and Listen” for the YouTube generation.



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