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Creating cultural impact by confronting myths and re-building brand trust to make an American goliath as British as fish & chips.



In 2014, the breakfast market was booming. This should have been good news for McDonald’s with breakfasts making a significant contribution to total sales that outperformed any of the brands’ other product categories. However, despite this strong sales performance, McDonald’s share of market was starting to decline. We knew people were familiar with McDonald’s breakfasts, and felt a high degree of affinity with products like the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, but some customers had come to believe that whilst delicious, McDonald’s breakfasts were low quality.



The campaign aimed to disrupt customers’ morning routines to drive awareness of our quality stories and convert this into purchase. TV and press communicated quality stories using a consistent and distinctive visual style to create stand out and ensure that all executions worked together to communicate the overall message about the quality of McDonald’s breakfast. Outdoor posters aimed to drive footfall with quality food photography and was supported by in-restaurant work which highlighted provenance of ingredients.



The campaign led to a huge shift in quality perceptions with 72% of customers feeling that the quality of breakfasts was ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’. We also closed the gap between McDonald’s and the total breakfast market when it came to ‘quality food as a reason to visit’. Overall the campaign virtually halted the decline in share that the brand had experienced over the previous year.



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