In 2021 – for the first time in history, a major sporting world cup will host a men’s, women’s and a wheelchair tournament at the same time - sending a clear message to the world that Rugby League is for everyone.

When we first met the team at Rugby League World Cup HQ in Manchester we were immediately struck by the scale of the ambition and the diverse nature of their vision. They want this tournament to be the most attended and viewed RLWC ever, to increase the profile and visibility of Rugby League globally and create a legacy across the 18 host cities in England that will last a lifetime.

The trophy has been the traditional symbol of the Rugby League World Cup for many years – it’s the global pinnacle of Rugby League, coveted by each and every nation. The identity has been created using the trophy’s ribbons to embody the three tournaments and to symbolise our close connection to fans, nations, communities, teams and players.

With the event fast approaching, the team became driven by an ambition to elevate this event on an international stage, to raise the profile of Rugby League, to captivate and connect with audiences locally and globally, and to live up to the promise of being ‘The Biggest and Best Rugby League World Cup Ever’.

Uniting the 3 tournaments into one world-class event gave us the ability to create a brand that reinforces the mantra of ‘One Game. Together’ – while providing the teams, nations, hosts and partners with a platform to inspire and engage audiences at every touch point.

Bold and Brave; these are the personality traits that characterise the RLWC family, that act as the call to action for everyone within it. Bold and brave defines the attitude and the behaviours, and creates the driving force that brings us together to achieve the ambition of leaving a positive lasting legacy – for our sport and our country

Rugby League is very much a community sport – down to earth and genuine – ‘The Rugby League Family’ is something you will hear a lot when you start to connect with people in the sport.

With this being the first time that a major World Cup tournament will feature a men’s, woman’s and wheelchair tournament at the same time – we wanted our positioning to reflect that. Let’s experience ‘The Power of Together'

Our brand is focussed on communicating a belief in unity and diversity and the ambition of the bold and the brave to leave a long lasting legacy – beyond the stadium.


RLWC2021 - Brand identity and positioning

We have worked extensively and at pace with the RLWC to create a brand that encompasses 3 tournaments, 21 nations, 18 host cities, a festival of world cups, a hospitality and legacy programme, a mental health fitness charter and a merchandising strategy.

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