Making a guitar that makes a difference. When George Lowden and Ed Sheeran got together to make a new guitar, they knew it had to break the mould of anything that was on the markeplace any where in the world. ‘Sheeran by Lowden’ was an idea based on the friendship and collaboration that had built up between the two over many years as George had hand made Ed’s recording and live guitars.

They shared a simple belief that an affordable guitar shouldn’t have to be of a lower quality - and if done to the same level of detail that Lowden puts into everything, that it would inspire more kids to pick up a guitar, write songs, sing, busk, vlog… whatever they want to do.

To ensure the success of the guitar when it hit the marketplace, we were asked to help build a unique brand and compelling brand story that would work hand in hand with Ed Sheeran’s own brand and also with Lowden Guitars existing brand.

We built a brand system to match our creativity, innovation and voice. Our system enable us to develop a flexible and creative platform that gives us the ability to create powerful, exciting and engaging communications that can be different every time but always distinct to our brand.

Launching the guitar at the world's largest music trade show.

NAMM is the the world's largest music trade show held annually in Southern California. The event was targeted to ensure maximum exposure and awareness, with our primary objectives being to secure global PR/media coverage for the new range and secure as many retail and distribution orders as possible.

The launch had to be kept under wraps from all media, event organisers, retailers, distributors and competitors to make sure it would not be leaked in advance.

The evening before the official trade event launch, VIP guests were invited to the Sheraton Grand Hotel, LA for a media event hosted by George Lowden and Ed Sheeran. Bespoke invites had been sent prior to the event but details around what was planned were kept secret. To maximise impact and creativity Ed agreed to perform at this private gig plus there was a Q&A session with George Lowden. This was the perfect opportunity to launch the website.

This was followed the next day by us hosting a press conference and a visit of the exhibition stand for the brand.

The full range of guitars were on display and were available to try. Retailers and distributors were also able to place orders directly with Lowden for the new range.

Unbeknown to the crowd, we had planned for Ed to make another appearance to drive media interest and ensure there was a ‘buzz’ at the stand. Furthermore Ed used this occasion to launch the official social media channels of the brand to the world.


Sheeran By Lowden - Making a guitar to make a difference

Ed Sheeran & George Lowden shared a simple belief that an affordable guitar shouldn’t have to be of a low quality & should be accessible to young musicians. This is how we created a compelling brand story & launched the new guitar range at the world's largest music trade event.

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