Interflora had the same innovative business model as JustEat decades before the internet. But VC-backed brands are disrupting the market, turning flowers into a commodity. Our #ShareSomethingReal campaign brings the evocative power of flowers back with its emotional lines and Rankin photography, whilst also landing Interflora’s point of difference – the florists.


Interflora has been a recognised household name for decades, but other VC-backed brands such as Bloom & Wild and Freddies Flowers had disrupted the market. There were also lots of new online businesses offering alternative gifting options to flowers. Interflora wanted to reinvigorate its brand to adapt to the new world of floristry/gifting, using its proposition of “creating beautiful moments for special people”.


From our research, we could see that Interflora had a unique point of difference – their network of highly qualified local florists – who take care and attention in putting together a beautifully designed bouquet of flowers to be delivered straight to the recipient on their doorstep. This was in stark contrast to the narrow box of loose, unarranged flowers delivered through the letterbox from some of their competitors.

It was time to bring the emotion back into giving flowers once again.

Strategy and approach

We created the new campaign idea of #ShareSomethingReal – encouraging the target audience to consider buying flowers as a gift for a special occasion, and thinking about the real meaning behind it.


Released across VOD and other digital channels, our #ShareSomethingReal film shows the thoughtful journey from consideration through purchase to the delightful moment of receipt – a moment created by Interflora’s florists.

Behind every Interflora story is a passionate and skilled florist who has dedicated their life to making magical moments for people with flowers. We created ‘behind the scenes’ content for VOD and longer-form web content, showing the life of the florist and telling the stories of how they help to #ShareSomethingReal.

#ShareSomethingReal is quite literally created for the social age. Perfecting the execution for the various social formats created strong engagement, especially where film was used.

Buying from Interflora is not a choice for cheap and easy flowers. It is a choice of consideration and love. Bringing the campaign onto the website brings the emotion of giving flowers to the shopping experience, encouraging visitors through the process.

Lastly, #ShareSomethingReal was integrated into CRM by creating a programme of templates and headers that are tailored to the audience and the occasion. Variations included dialling up the offer using a ‘card’ mechanic.



Bringing emotion back to the gifting of flowers to reinvigorate this powerful brand.

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