The Pernod Ricard-owned Ballantine’s brand was the world’s No.2 Scotch and had a classic whisky positioning, appealing to an older adult male demographic. 

There was little emotional connection with a global, younger audience. In order to successfully rejunvenate the brand positioning, we needed to introduce this younger group to the brand. Creating a global brand, but with local market activations was key to success.

Our global brand research confirmed the vital importance of self-image associated with a status product such as premium whisky. There was widespread global respect for self-expression interpreted as conviction. Knowing yourself and having the confidence to ‘be yourself’ were widely held up as admirable traits.

We changed the Ballantine’s brand positioning from ‘self-reflection’ to inspiring people to ‘live the real you’. The new positioning was deliberately active, not passive; it was far more pointed and described a more vigorous brand point of view, ‘StayTrue’.

This was introduced through multiple local activations, including online film content, digital display, press and posters, featuring a number of protagonists, each displaying this sense of conviction and self-belief. They all unified under the campaign theme, ‘Stay True’, asserting: ‘This is who I am.’

We have now worked with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky for seven years and, in that time, we have developed the ‘Stay True’ multichannel brand proposition, spanning diverse audiences, geographies and market sectors. 

This includes the film initiative ‘Stay True’ Stories on owned and social channels, where young creative people could demonstrate how they remain true to their beliefs, as well as ‘Stay True’ Music, partnering globally with the Boiler Room to live stream sessions from local market musicians deemed to have held on to their convictions.

The brand proposition is simple and covers multiple customer passion-points, from music to sport, allowing us to activate the brand through different lenses, ensuring each execution is hyper-relevant to each respective market. 

1.4 million
Limited edition gift packs sold
Markets worldwide
YOY sales uplift
Members of the online Ballantine’s Golf Club – where ‘Stay True’ is about true mastery



The Pernod Ricard-owned Ballantine’s brand, was the world’s No.2 Scotch and had a classic whisky positioning, appealing to an older adult male demographic.

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