Children with ADHD know they’re different. For a child of six or seven, this is a huge mountain to climb. For parents and teachers it can be an unknown. For both, there was no relevant support or resources readily available. Shire Pharmaceuticals AG, a global leader in ADHD treatment wanted to live up to its company mission of being a truly patient-centric organisation.


We stripped away the medicalised, rational world perspective, and humanised ADHD in a way that’s identifiable to a child.

We used the medium of story focused on two loveable characters, Olly (who has ADHD) and Red the dragon (who is Olly’s ADHD). “The Trouble with Dragons” was designed to appeal to the creative imagination of any child with ADHD.

We also launched the story as an interactive app, the programme is supported by a multi-channel, integrated campaign with materials for healthcare professionals, parents/patients and patient advocacy groups.


To date, the programme has translated into ten languages and distributed to physicians, teachers, parents and those children affected by ADHD. Since going live it has gone on to win several healthcare industry awards.  


Patient Information in ADHD

The Trouble with Dragons’ is a patient support programme developed by Shire Pharmaceutical Contracts

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