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We bring a global, creative perspective to business challenges. Founded in 1988 with a focus on financial reporting and in-depth, investor interviews, we built an understanding for the real challenges facing our clients.

Today, in an increasingly fragmented world of communications, clients need help to unify their story. Our offers and expertise cover all aspects vital to business communications, and then some – that’s why clients come to us.

We have now grown to be one of the world’s leading creative agencies and are proud to be part of the Brunswick Group.






The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Director of digital strategy at MerchantCantos, Joe McLewin, discusses the current digital disruption to the global healthcare sector.


Making lasting connections in a virtual world

As businesses have adapted to social-distancing, there has been a shift from traditional in-person to virtual business events. IR Magazine, along with MerchantCantos and Brunswick recently hosted a webinar on this subject – ‘Making lasting connections in a virtual world’. Guest panelists Lynn Tyson, Executive Director, IR, Ford Motor Company and Lowell Singer, Senior VP IR, The Walt Disney Company, discussed their recent experiences hosting virtual investor events.


You don’t know… what you don’t know

Rick Sellers, Director of Digital Strategy at MerchantCantos discusses the discovery phase of digital projects and why they are important for any digital project, no matter what scale they are.