Ripping up the launch rulebook for adidas

The challenge

adidas needed to cater to a younger audience that doesn’t engage with big names, established sponsorships and traditional media. They are football creators and street players who have their own role models that live in football subculture and display their skills on social.

adidas needed to change their approach and created a new football boot concept to reach this audience. They needed a partner to bring this to life – with social, mobile and innovation at the heart of the launch. Not only that, adidas needed to prove that a radical new approach worked – which meant launching rapidly, without issues, plus being able to deliver sales and repeat purchase. 

What we did

We helped adidas think differently, ripping up their launch rule book. We didn’t just put mobile at the heart, we made it mobile only. We engaged a selected group of influencers to collaborate on the campaign right from the start. They named the boot, provided design input, launched the boots and played a key part in the fitting experiences, playing on-pitch with our audience. 

This created a whole new route to market and a new digital ecosystem. The whole GLITCH experience – engaging influencer and user-generated content, purchase, 4-hour delivery and customer support-all sit within the mobile app. It wasn’t online, in stores or advertised in any traditional media. 

To build excitement and drive demand, we made the purchase of a pair of Glitch boots conditional on invite. And the only place to get an invite code was through the influencers we worked with to design the boot. The same role models our audience looked up to. Once you bought a pair of boots, you got three of your own codes to distribute to peers, building social cred for those lucky enough to get a pair.

The results

The campaign won over 20 awards, including five Cannes Lions. More importantly, it drove a phenomenal 89% invitation conversion rate in the launch months, building sales immediately. GLITCH is now adidas’ 2nd best eCommerce football boot and the app maintains engagement with nearly 80% past six months use, even two years after launch.


adidas GLITCH

We defined a new brand new way to launch football boots for adidas, the world's leading football brand.

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