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Privacy is a global issue for technology companies but nobody had their feet as close to the fire as Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica scandal started the issue, but UK newspapers were feeding fears daily and Trust was at an all time low.

By 2019, Facebook was already a very different business, with massive investment in both the people and the systems to safeguard users – including new tools, new teams and a new focus on privacy. The reality was that Facebook had changed, but nobody was open to hear that.


We recognised that privacy means different things to different people and different things at different times, depending on who is watching. Both on social and in our day-to-day lives. 

Tapping into ordinary, relatable situations that highlighted the little things we do every day to control our privacy, the campaign dramatised the notion that we all have our own individual privacy settings. And that, while some of us choose to be more public, some of us prefer to be more private… in life, and on Facebook. 

This message was used to cut through and connect with our audience across Digital Video, Outdoor, Radio, on social channels and in magazines.


Using memorable characters and wry British observations, we engaged with a rather sceptical audience and grabbed attention. 

Top 10%
best pre-testing scores for Millward Brown (ever)
Over 80%
of key audience reached with multiple OTS
300% lift
in intent to use Facebook for high OTS viewers


We don’t shy away from tough challenges or difficult start-points. We know how to find real insight and build communications that talk to people in ways they can relate to, so we can land the facts even when people aren’t immediately open to the conversation.

Out-of-home on the London Underground


Facebook - Privacy is Personal

An integrated campaign focused on the fact that we all have our own individual privacy settings, in life and on Facebook.

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