Feeling Famous: Peloton's UK Launch

in sales on launch day
tier 1 influencers posted, with no fees paid
of influencers bought a Peloton bike


When Mission was tasked with launching Peloton in the UK, the challenge we faced was getting people to understand something they'd never experienced before. Peloton's revolutionary connected fitness was completely new to the market and easily misunderstood. But once people tried it, they 'got' it and loved it.

The insight that guided our campaign was therefore: When it comes to connected fitness and launching its future, feeling is believing.


Introducing ‘Feel the Hype’ - an integrated Mission campaign to drive brand awareness and love for Peloton. 

Everything we did was to get people to try Peloton and feel it for themselves.

We started with a carefully crafted UK-wide advocacy programme, loaning Peloton bikes to the nation’s leading Olympians, household names and credible fitness and lifestyle influencers. 

Without any gifting or payments, Mission created true brand ambassadors - with names including David Beckham and Joe Wicks driving mass brand awareness and engagement in the build-up to launch.

Following this, we took Peloton direct to consumers, creating a pop-up Peloton House experience in central London. Expected to last 3 weeks, the pop-up’s popularity extended its run to 3 months, as the brand quickly became the market leader.


£120,000+ sales at Peloton House on launch day

1000+ social posts from tier 1 influencers, without any fees paid

30% of influencers engaged bought their own Peloton bike

...Results that feel good!


Feeling Famous: Peloton's UK Launch

How do you get people to fall in love with a completely new type of fitness? To launch Peloton in the UK, we knew that 'feeling is believing', so we created a hands-on programme to get bums on bikes across the country - generating sales and superstar advocacy as a result...

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