Meet Chivas Collins

Epitomising the aesthetic and identity of Chivas Regal, and Constructed from a combination brass and dark stained oak with a brass Chivas logo (Luckenbooth) inlaid, the Chivas trolley displays refined detailing, quality materials, and a glamorous sense of style.

A brass Luckenbooth is pinned off the front of the trolley to provide handles to open the insulated cold compartment for ice and mixers. The Collins sharing tray has pride of place on the top of the trolley, whilst glasses, apples and limes are carried on lower shelves.

The signature wheels are mechanically fixed to create clean joints, with a recessed rubber tyre protecting the brass. A milled hexagonal brass central nut references the six spokes of the wheel.

Chivas Ice Breaker

Tasked with creating a new premium drinking ritual for Chivas Regal 12, aiming to modernise a well-loved classic that embraces the Chivas brand values of sharing, generosity and discernment.

Tapping into new global drinking trends of personalisation and sharing, the Chivas Ice Breaker brings about the union of the Chivas Whisky Sour and a selection of flavoured “Ice Breaker” cubes.

The beauty of the Ice Breaker serve lies in its simplicity, allowing each consumer to “Freeze Your Sour”, and sample and enjoy a shared serve with friends.

Chivas Mizunara

The serving ritual for Mizunara was inspired by the Japanese Bento box- a traditional way of serving cuisine in Japan. Functional, minimalistic and beautifully crafted the guest is presented the box at the table. Wrapped around the exterior is a piece of twine, which holds a handwritten note that when opened, gives a step-by-step guidance on how to best enjoy the Mizunara experience. An experience inspired by Omotenashi- where the guest must leave better than how they arrived.

Chivas 18 Drinking Ritual

After a long day, how do you want to feel? Invigorated and alert, relaxed and tranquil or indulgent and warm? We have a drink for that. The complexity of Chivas 18 is enhanced with the addition of a carefully curated range of bitters and infusions, allowing you to alter your mood and emotions. The ingredients have been selected to enhance happiness, facilitate focus and encourage relaxation. We present mindfulness in a glass – 85 unique flavours in every drop, amplified and elevated. Let your emotions be your guide as you explore our world of emotional drinking experiences.


Chivas Below the Line Campaigns

We started working with Chivas over 4 years ago helping to define their below the line brand strategy.

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