Crafting a unique positioning for one of London’s most unique places

The Background

Home to The Ritz, Fortnum & Mason, Jermyn Street, Berry Brothers and the clubs of Pall Mall, St James’s should be better known. The most bespoke area of London, the local high-street of Royalty, and now a hot-bed of prestigious office space and the newest dining spots, Mr. President were tasked with raising the profile of this exceptional area amongst tourists, Londoners and high-end CEOs alike. It all started with the local businesses at the heart of the communications.

The challenge therefore was to redefine the area itself. And from the tailored shirts of Jermyn Street, to the one-off artworks at Christie’s, to the singular institutions like the Ritz, the answer lay in the uniqueness of the quarter. St James’s London is truly is one of a kind.

The Work

The one of a kind brand idea now permeates every part of the St James’s London experience, from how potential retailers are briefed to create to bespoke shopping experiences to the street furniture that lines the streets.

Mr. President’s first task was to redesign the area’s quarterly publication “The Correspondent” which saw us create the world’s first magazine that is designed to be read from West to East via a central map of contents. The first edition was even laced with a bespoke fragrance created by Floris of Jermyn Street, crafted using scents that were inspired by the articles of that particular edition. It was key for us to include the internal stakeholders and the local businesses, and communicate outwards with everyone on board.

Other projects include the a website that creates tailored guides to the area, based on visitors’ preferences. And an interactive installation in St James’s Market that allows visitors to explore the area through an interactive brass map. After Mr. President created, designed and launched the new St James's London website, traffic surged with an increase of 45% year on year between May and July

Now an even more bustling quarter of the capital, The one of a kind positioning continues to define the legacy of London’s most unique area.


One of a Kind

Crafting a unique positioning for one of London’s most unique places

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