The new Cash-Forward card for the money you look forward to spending

The Background

There’s not a lot of love for cashback offers. Most are riddled with complex redemptions, tricksy offers, tonnes of fine print, and often teeny percentage returns. So when the team at Blackhawk Networks, known for their branded gift cards, approached us to develop a consumer brand for their prepaid cashback card, we understood what they were up against.

Their new proposition actually promised amazing rewards without any of the usual hassle. With purchases at more than 70 national retailers and 16,000 stores offering rewards of up to 12.5% in some cases, the card was nothing like the usual 0.1% offers out there.

This wasn’t just about getting tiny discounts on purchases, the rewards had the potential to build up to a proper savings pot. So we flipped the idea on its head: This isn’t cashback, it’s cash-forward.

Cash-Forward is about free money that builds up in savings pots with every purchase. Bonus money - just like that tenner your gran gave you at Christmas - that you look forward to spending.

The Work

So that became the core of our Brand Defining Idea - Money you look forward to spending.

That’s where the name Yonda came in - a forward-facing name for a service that gives you money that you look forward to spending.

Our Brand Defining Idea went beyond just the name. We integrated the idea of forward-facing into every facet of the brand identity, user experience and product offer.

Yonda’s brand identity features a logo of smooth flowing lines and cursive text and a positively curved underline. All representative of the forward flow of your future money.

For the colour palette, ‘Mint Green’ was chosen predominantly as a colour that would jump out from the wallet, and is designed to evoke a feeling of positivity and potential by combining the optimistic hues of blue with the renewal qualities of green.

The mobile user experience has been designed with an energetic forward swiping flow. The experience constantly works to emphasise the money gained for the future, not the discounts saved now.

The common brand visual is a horizon, created with tints of the brand colours, often animated with an energetic and characterful little dot to bring to life the idea of ‘forward money.’

Every part of the brand stems from a hugely powerful consumer insight, and translates into a Brand Defining Idea that not only defines how the brand talks, but how it walks too.

Learn more about the new cash-forward service at yondacard.co.uk

It was fantastic to be able to work with Mr. President using their expertise in terms of developing our core audiences through research-led insight, and creating a brand that will help us stand out within the market. The Mr. President team really understood our proposition and helped make it an approachable, understandable, fun and positive brand that helps bring freshness and forward momentum.

Stacey Richards, Product Director of Prepaid, at Blackhawk Networks


Cash-forward - Yonda

The new Cash-Forward card for the money you look forward to spending

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