Building a runway for collaboration


Heathrow Airport was having trouble uniting their 7,500+ employees across its offices and terminals. So they introduced a digital workplace initiative to transform the way employees connect and collaborate, making it easier and more efficient.

MSL’s first task was to work with employees to co-create the shape and features of the new digital workplace. We worked with employee groups, building a deep understanding of their lives and needs through empathy mapping exercises. This built trust and engagement from the outset.

Based on this insight, we developed detailed audience personas which drove every aspect of the project. Our next challenge was to effectively engage a much wider group of people in the launch of the digital workplace initiative and engage employees across all Heathrow locations with their new Hub+ feature – an online collaboration space featuring the latest Heathrow news, operational forecasts and alerts, colleague deals and briefing sheet.

We had to engage a diverse target audience, so our messages had to be carefully tailored. Office-based employees who were more familiar with online collaboration tools received fewer details, whereas operational staff based in Terminals needed more information communicated in a direct, succinct manner.



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Building a runway for collaboration



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