The essence of experience


As it rebranded from Land Securities to Landsec, the UK’s largest commercial property company needed a streamlined and impactful digital footprint to being its new ‘everything is experience’ philosophy to life.

The challenge to MSL involved merging three disparate websites into one immersive experience and rewriting the unwritten rules of the familiar corporate website. Finesse in design and excellence in user experience were essential in meeting the audiences’ needs and expectations.

The first and most vital stage of this process was to simplify the navigation and structure. This began with a visually engaging and interactive digital experience to challenge the traditional corporate communications approach.  

There are many ways to tell stories, and MSL chose to tell Landsec’s in a variety of different ways across the website, making use of video, photo and long-form copy to keep the users’ experience engaging and explorative.

The result is a dynamic online focal point that illustrates Landsec’s past and explores the brand’s future.



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The essence of experience

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