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The Challenge

In 2019, having been operating for 60 years as a one-way street, Tottenham Court Road turned into a two-way road. Not long after, the accidents started to happen. Pedestrians who had been long used to a one-way system were forgetting to look both ways. And they were getting caught out.

Some of the accidents resulted in life-changing injuries. They simply couldn't go on. So Stack, MSQ Partners' customer acquisition and engagement agency who are based at 90 Tottenham Court Road, joined forces with The Fitzrovia Partnership to do something about it.

The Solution

The resulting campaign, 'Look Both Ways', was a true community initiative. We shot people who work in businesses all along the famous street – from the pub landlords to shop staff, coffee shop baristas to personal trainers. And we turned the images into eye-catching work that showed the ambassadors simultaneously looking both ways across the street.

This was a true grassroots campaign - we worked with key landmarks on the street to put the images up in shop windows and on beer mats placed in the local pubs. We ran the work on social channels and generated PR in local publications. And most importantly of all, our media agency The Gate secured prominent outdoor sites along Tottenham Court Road, including the 48-sheet digital displays by Goodge Street station – the scene of one of the most severe accidents of all.

The result

The Tottenham Court Road community welcomed the campaign with open arms. The work generated PR in a number of local publications and commentators agreed that the images were certainly more striking than the low-level signage initially rolled out by the council.

Accident rates have decreased by the signs will remain up and continue to do their job - after all, it only take a moment of forgetfulness to change a life forever.


Look Both Ways

When Tottenham Court Road became a two-way street for the first time in 60 years, accidents started to occur. So we worked with The Fitzrovia Partnership to create an eye-catching safety campaign that truly made a difference to our own community.

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