Organix - Fuel Their Wonder


Organix was a premium heritage brand fighting to maintain its salience and point of difference. For 25 years Organix had blazed a trail for organic, high-quality, nutritious snacks for babies and children. But the No 1 faced multiple challenges:

  • All products in the category were now seen to be ‘healthy enough’ to feed to kids, killing Organix’s historic product advantage
  • Other brands, even discounter and own label, were seen as more fun and engaging - Organix was worthy-but-dull in comparison
  • Organix needed to engage with modern parents and make the brand feel more innovative and interesting
  • Budget was limited for significant above the line expenditure, so Organix needed a solution that could be primarily activated in tightly targeted channels and digital environments.


Developing a new positioning

A rigorous research process got us under the skin of the target audience of first-time millennial parents. We swerved the usual clichés about millennials and parenting, and dug deeper to really understand their daily routines; the moments where kids’ snacking plays a role, and what snacking really means at a deeper, nonfunctional level.

The new positioning - “Organix fuels moments of discovery, adventure and fun” is based on insights about the pressures of modern parenting and research into child cognitive development. It elevates the Organix brand into a bigger, more emotive territory – from “in-between meals filler” to “partner in modern parenting”.

Activating the campaign across paid, owned, earned and touchpoints

The creative interpretation of the strategic approach was ‘Fuel Their Wonder’ – a simple creative platform brought to life through a refreshingly frank campaign that speaks to parents about both the ups and downs of parenting and shows how a variety of Organix snacks can bring wonder to a variety of everyday moments. The approach was designed to create maximum relevance and emotional connection at both a brand and product specific level.

To maximise a sense of scale (on a limited budget) and create emotional resonance the campaign launched using VOD and targeted digital radio to make sure the campaign felt big to our audience, but while minimising wastage by avoiding talking to non-parents. In the vitally important owned and earned digital channels, we focused on proving utility and fun through a series of content initiatives ranging from recipes, to craft ideas, to partnerships with beloved children’s brands like The Gruffalo.  

In addition to the softer engagement content, the campaign flexed to provide more price and promotion-led messaging for online shopper channels. The simplicity of the Fuel Their Wonder platform combined with updated brand guidelines allowed us to create a high volume of digital/social/shopper marketing executions quickly and easily.

We also introduced a change of tone in Organix’s influencer strategy with relatable, everyday Mums such as Stacy Solomon (The X Factor) and Charley Webb (Emmerdale) being introduced as social media brand advocates.


The repositioning and the consistent application of the ‘Fuel their wonder’ platform across the customer journey has:

  • Halted a long-term sales decline - after 26 consecutive periods of market share erosion, IRI sales data shows two consecutive periods of recovery and a 4% net sales growth - shifted brand perceptions on the key measures of “fun” and “a brand for me”.
  • Preserved their number 1 category leader status with a value share of 37% and have started winning the all-important battle with Kiddylicious
  • Crucially the repositioning appeals across the consumer base, appealing as much to ASDA shoppers as it does Waitrose ones, ensuring Organix does not become a niche premium brand and strengthening it against the threat of own-label and discounters.
Category share
Net sales growth


Organix - Fuel Their Wonder

We helped Organix reassert category leadership, creating a campaign built around the insight that as a parent, you live and feel every little challenge and triumph of your child.

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