Eurosport Case Study




Eurosport is a household name when it comes to televised sport. Traditionally a B2B business model where parent company Discovery would sell the Eurosport offering to broadcasters like BskyB.

But the way sport is viewed is changing fast - from cable packages to on-demand apps. 
For Eurosport it was a case of disrupt or be disrupted.

We were tasked with transforming the brand in a direct-to-consumer proposition. To do so we needed to drive 1m paying subscribers to Eurosport's new OTT subscription service in just twelve months.




We set out to make Eurosport Player - the 'Netflix of Sport'.

To truly be a consumer brand we knew we needed to find the unique appeal of each sport. To capitalise on live peaks of interest around the biggest sporting moments. And to shape our activity to ride the wave of anticipation right before each event commences. 

These unexpected but thrilling moments where the social currency of witnessing an event live justifies the premium subscription. 

We have served thousands of different sets of messaging and creative, with optimised media and CRM plans, to match the interests and behaviour of fans across football, tennis, cycling and many more. Matched to sporting fans across 21 markets in 14 languages throughout Europe. 

And things get even more complex, but an even greater opportunity for Eurosport, at multi-sport events like the Winter Olympics. 




We hit our annual target of 1,000,000 new subscribers in just 6 months. 

That was all down to aiming squarely at the passion, excitement and behavior of the fans of each sport. For example:

Over 40,000 German football fans acquired on the opening night of the Bundesliga season.

Over 45,000 tennis fans brought onboard during the excitement of the Australian Open.

And more than 250,000 sign-ups during the high-octane entertainment of the Winter Olympics. 

How we work:

A talented team of media, creative and CRM practitioners working as one team in an agile, integrated and transparent way. 

Bringing a challenger mentality to the business issue and shared goals across a client and agency team working closely together. 

30min daily standups track work in progress in the build up to sport event launch days and optimsations throughout key campaign periods. 

War Rooms for key events and launches ensures flawless and joined-up executions. 

Online task management tools elimate cumbersome status reports. Keeping things fluid, stakeholders engaged and updated, and messaging optimised.



Creating the Netflix of Sport

Creating the Netflix of Sport.